5 Video Ideas For Coaches

How To Attract Clients With Video

We help coaches, mentors, therapists, and trainers to attract new clients by using video. For a suspiciously low price.

From the desk of Norwegian

journalist and coach Terje Nordkvelle.

March 2021.

Dear Colleague. 


As service providers, we have a great opportunity when it comes to video. You got stories and knowledge people want to watch - and learn from!


Have you considered video in your marketing?


Let me tell you: There is only one reason that I have helped as many as I have in my coaching business. You guessed it.


Video is the easiest way I know to really get my message across.


Now we are open to creating video interviews that convey your story and what you do for others.

The benefits of video interview

Video is most shared on social media and builds a relationship and trust in your audience.


People get a sense of your essence, you appear personal and genuine.


Do you find it difficult to look into a camera and share your story?


We know MANY entrepreneurs struggle with this!


But when you answer questions and have someone listen to you, making a video becomes so much easier.


Many also appear more personal, genuine, less nervous, and "stiff" - when they have a natural conversation.

We interview you over Zoom and edit the video for you.


We do the job 1-to-1 WITH you. All you have to do is fix your hair and show up on Zoom with us.


You can use the video on social media, on the website and send it out to your email list so that the right people want to contact you.


It's your true story that makes customers see how much you care, about what you can do for others.


Why the suspiciously low price?

Your future clients like authentic, natural videos better than expensive, professional films.

The reason is that they do not look like an ad, and create a relationship.

5 Video Ideas For Coaches

1: Your story/Why you do what you do

2: Your method

3: Myths about your niche

4: Most common mistakes people make/Your top tips

5: The day you never will forget. Maybe about a clients transformation, and how that impacted you

We interview you about these topics, edit the videos and send them to you you.


You get all five videos for the suspiciously low price of 290 US Dollars. 

Want more info? Shoot me an email: terje@terjenordkvelle.com

Hope to hear from you,


PS: You get to see the videos before you pay. If you're not happy, you pay nothing.