• Terje Nordkvelle

Interview With My Inner Critic

Me: You told me she was too beautiful and smart for me, didn't you?

My inner critic: Yeah. You got lucky... She obviously had some daddy issues.

Hi. My name is Terje Nordkvelle, I am a Norwegian coach and creator of this page quitcompare.com.

My quest is to help people quit comparing themselves to others. This habit leads to low self-esteem, and feeling bad about ourselves. If you haven't taken my QuitQuiz, you will find it here.

Thing is, it's not us, but our critical inner voices who are doing the comparing. That's why I wanted to get to know my own inner critic better. The result is this interview.

Me: So, what do you think of my site and idea, Quit Compare.com?

My inner critic: I think it's just another website. Half a million new sites are made every day. It really does not matter.

Me: Ok. let me start with you. Where are you from, my critical inner voice?

Critic: You keep calling me a critical voice. I am not. I am the voice of reason. You are a dreamer, I keep you grounded and realistic. You really need that!

Me: I still would like to know where you are from.

Critic: I am from all the times you made a fool of yourself, to make sure you don't do the same stupid mistakes.

Me: Back to this site, quitcompare.com. Why do you compare me to others?

Critic: To help you realize that other men at your age have gotten so much further than you. That you need to stop this unrealistic work and be more like other, normal people. You can not make an impact in a world with millions of websites!

Me: Do you remember what you told me when I wanted to write a book?

Critic: That your grades from school were to bad.

Me: And I wrote it, didn't I?

Critic: No you did not. You self published an e-book. It's not a real book!!!

Me: Still quite a few people have read it, right? Isn't that a positive impact?

Critic: You will never know how many actually read it and used the content.

(Link to ParentQuiz and book here)

Me: You keep telling me am not smart enough and can't get the girls I want. Do you remember the dark-haired girl? You told me she was too beautiful and smart for me, didn't you?

Critic: Yeah. You got lucky... She obviously had some daddy issues.

Me: Hehe. I do not think you are the voice of reason. I think you are scared. And you want to keep me safe. Is that true?


Me: I have decided to not compare the results of quitcompare.com to other websites. Still, I will give myself a goal. That 100 people go through the quiz. Do you think we can do that? Come on man, let's work together here. 100? We can do that!

What is your critical inner voice telling you? And how do you talk to it? Please comment below. You just might help someone with your reply. (Your answer is anonymous.)