The Nr. 1 Way to Find Your Passion in Life. And Work With it.


Would You Like us to Help You Find It? For Free?

From the desk of Terje Nordkvelle, 

certified coach and creator of QuitCompare. 

Langesund - Norway, September 2018.

Hi! Do you live a passionate life? What would it be like to make a difference and feel engaged and happy? We can help with that ;-)


I you have a minute, i would like to share with you the number 1 strategy to find - and explore - your passion and purpose:

Having a mentor!

Google and online courses are great tools, but getting direct access to a person is by far the quickest and best method.

This is why:  A mentor understands what you need, and can support you.

And here you can get it. For free!

For a limited time, you can claim your "Live your passion now"-mentor session. In this conversation with one of our mentors, you will get the help, confidence, knowledge and inspiration to pursue your purpose. If you want to find it - or turn it into a business.  

There is no charge for this. And no catch

...Which of course leads you to wonder, "Why would you do all of this work for free"?
Well, in the interest of full transparency, this is how we get clients.
A good percentage of the people we do this for, end up asking us to help them further.
So that's our "hidden motivation" for doing this.


However... The free session is NOT a "sales pitch in disguise"

Far from it. The mentor-talk will be tailored to you and your needs.
And you'll get no pressure to become a client, because one of two things will happen after the session:

1) You say: "Thank you for the help. I will take this further on my own".

2) You say: "Thank you for the help. I would like your help to take this further".

We are fine with both results. 

How to get your "Live your passion now"-session

Send an email to:


So; In a short while you can be moving your life forward. Faster. And more confident. You really have nothing to lose

Easier life

It is so much easier to get out of bed in the morning if you know why you do it. Follow the arrow in your heart. It is the path to the good life, including your own happiness and fulfillment.


Humans are amazing

Art, ideas, innovation, exploring, music and love is only a few things that make us unique.

The sad fact is that so many of us live our lives on autopilot, and do not explore - or live out - the gifts we have.

These days, maybe more than ever, the world needs us at our best and fulfilling our potential.


Send the email. This is for you, no matter what you want. We have mentored people who just want some more clarity and direction in their lives, and those who already have have big plans for the future. The session is private, and what you share stays between you and your mentor.



The fact that this website is online, means that we now have the capacity to take on new "Live your passion now"-sessions. That is not always the case. This could be the thing that changes everything for you. Don’t delay.

Three steps to purpose and passion in your life. On the call you will 


find and explore your unique talents and passions.


lay out a crystal clear success-path for how you can use this in your life and work. 


find and delete the hidden challenges that could be sabotaging you from seeing your own potential.

After the conversation you will feel clear, confident and inspired to go for what makes you feel engaged and happy.

The talk will be on the phone or online/screen. You decide.

Are you one of us?

Most people have a job. Some have a career. A few have a calling.


I strong feeling that refuses to go away.

A subject you can talk about for hours.

Time flies when you work on it. It makes you happy, gives you purpose and meaning.

And can frustrate you and bring tears to your eyes.

You just know it. In your heart, mind and soul.

This is your calling.

It is a gift. And a curse.

In many ways, you feel that you do not have a choice. It has chosen you.

And you do not want see the day when your life is over and you did not answer your calling.

Where does it come from? Nobody knows, but we strongly believe it is for a reason that you got this mission.

Let us help you turn your magic on. For free.

Avoid my mistakes

My quest and purpose-journey has been long and difficult. After doing all mistakes possible, I now see the shortcuts you can use to get further faster.

Having a mentor is for sure one of them.

We can help you avoid the painful pitfalls and mistakes, especially when it comes to making your calling into a business...

Our purpose: To free people's true potential through mentoring.

I wish you all the luck in the world. Best wishes from Terje Nordkvelle, Norwegian guy, author, certified coach, and creator of QuitCompare.